Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much hair do you recommend?

A. Each bundle is 100grams/3.5 oz
2-3 bundles are recommended for a full head.
If the length is more than 16 inches 3-4 bundles are recommended depending on the desired fullness.
*Note* For curly textures length is measured while hair is stretched.
Example- hair may be 18 inches stretched out but may appear to be 12-14 inches when not stretched. 

Q. Where does your hair come from?

A. Our products are made from 100 Indian ethically sourced virgin human hair. Each of our curly textures undergo steam processing to mimic the specific curl pattern. 

Q. Can I straighten the curly textures?

A. Yes. You can straighten the hair, but please keep in mind that extreme heat can alter the curl pattern.

*Consider purchasing our relaxed textures if you are going for a straighter look.

Q. Do you offer coloring services?

A. Only specialty wigs include custom coloring.  You can always email us at for questions or inquiries about coloring.

Q. Do you have a physical location?

A. No. As of now we only sell online.