Our Story

So I called myself "going natural" AND growing my hair out.  After all... 6 years ago this was kind of starting to be the thing to do.  I researched pictures on Pinterest and instagram and I knew what my hair goals were.  Well after 2 years of growth, my healthy hair looked like it hadn't grown at all.  To be honest the shrinkage was so real that I could only do length checks by getting my hair straightened.  I also realized that my hair wasn't even the same texture as my "hair goals".  Not only that, but my hair wasn't as full as my hair goals.  

Now I'm all about embracing the natural me, but If I was going to continue my journey I needed a little "help".

There I was a black girl with thin 4c hair (how does that even work?).  So I sought out to find extensions that matched my texture, but when I finally found hair like mine it was grossly overpriced with "meh" quality.  

I then decided If I'm having this problem there has to be others.  So after a whole year I sourced the best hair I could find from India that fit the quality and lived up to my likeness.

Shortly after Supernatural Hair Co. was formed with you and I in mind.  

Necie Armstrong- Owner & CEO